Saturday, March 4, 2017

Obligatory, 3.4.17

Today was rainy weather.  I belatedly setup some rainfall catchment, and there's plenty of extra water to play around with now.

Some additional work was done on the passive solar.  However, the leak is not fixed.  Fixing it should be no problem, though.

Besides that, an idea I had was to plug the exposures in the water "tank".  Instead of drilling holes in it, and ruining it for any other purpose, I decided to ruin a cheaper ice chest instead.  It is made of Styrofoam, and is easy to cut up into pieces that will fill the gaps.  This is partly done.  I can finish at my leisure.

Finally, I began work on a sliding door.  This door will close off the bedroom from the rest of the trailer.  The purpose of that is to facilitate climate control of this smaller area.  It is a variation upon the coffin concept.

The work is going to have to stop if I go to Dallas.  There was a positive step in that direction on Friday.  If confirmed, treatment will finally begin.

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