Monday, February 27, 2017

Passive solar test

Tested for leaks, and there are some.  Those are outside, though.   I might be able to get those taken care of. 

The little bilge pump seem to work.  It works off a 12 volt battery though.  It would seem prudent not to keep it running all day.  That means it needs to cycle on and off in order to save the battery.

As for specifics of my system now:  It is a 30 gallon mammoth ice chest that will be filled with water.  It will recirculate via the bilge pump, which is inside of the ice chest.   The ice chest is insulated, which is to help maintain the heat in the water. 

Once the day is over, I can switch the pump to pump through a heater core.  I haven't tested that yet, so I don't know if it will leak or not.

Battery capacity might be improved.  This will take a lot more energy than I figured on.  Unless I can trap a hellacious amount of heat, it might well be something of a white elephant.

We'll see.

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