Friday, March 3, 2017

The Sessions thing is no big deal

Democrats have to have some sort of opposition.  Evidently, this is what they have chosen.  Whether it works for them or not, I can't say.

But what I can say is that I think they really can't do much to stop a lot of damage to what they believe in.  All of that is going to take a "yuge" hit, and it will go on for at least four years.

Sessions is not likely to go anywhere.  In reality, things are very bad for the Dems.  Time will tell if this helps them, it might hurt them.

You need an opposition strategy if you are the out party.  You shouldn't call your own credibility into question when you make stupid allegations like this Russian thing.  It looks to me like it is being easily parried.  A real waste of time and energy.  Not that I care all that much about Democrats.  The people following them should deserve better than what they are getting.

For example, if poor people are the ones the Dems care about, then how does making false allegations against Trump going to help the poor?  How are they going to stop the GOP from gutting Obamacare if they waste time and energy on a stupid thing like this Russian business?

The GOP is acting pretty outraged over this Sessions thing, but actually they are getting the better of it.  The Dems are in disarray.  None of this is helping them and it may destroy them if it keeps up.

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