Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doctor's appointment today

Those who read this blog may note that there was some optimism recently.  It seemed for awhile that I may get treatment.  Now, I am not so sure.  In fact, I am getting downright pessimistic about that.

I don't know what is hanging it up.  Perhaps they don't have a doctor in the network, or if they do, it is only a surgeon.  From what I heard from the previous people is that there aren't too many who are willing to do this type of surgery.  It is very tricky.

So, it would seem that radiation is the only way.  But if they don't have one of these in the network, then what?

It is all speculation, for I have heard nothing.  Maybe the PCP could tell me something.  I could call the radiation oncologist that I spoke with before, only trouble is that he has some people between himself and others.  In other words, he is screened off.

So, here I am. Waiting.

This "insurance" business is all fake, like everything else.  It should be straightforward, but it seems to me to mired in a lot of gobbely gook of terminology.  I don't have much patience with  that stuff.  I don't read it and try to understand it.

Bills are coming in from my hospital stay.  Not only that, but the people who did my MRI's back in Houston have decided that I still owe them money.  How that happened, who knows?

The medical business is strange.  It is the only business I know in which they seem to find ways of billing you long after you thought you paid for it all.

As I write this, I am rather sleepy.  I am rather medicated at the moment.  Anyway, maybe this doctor can tell me something.  I just don't get it.

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