Friday, March 3, 2017

Just saying that we live in an age of falseness

...and such a condition cannot sustain itself.

Just had a conversation with one of my brothers.  He has been in the homebuilding business for the last thirty years or so.  He said that people have changed.  It used to be that he could make money, but nowadays it is difficult to make money because everybody is trying to screw you.

People try to screw others just screw themselves in the long run.  No society can long endure if it is going to tolerate an absence of integrity.  If too many people become dishonest, then a decent society is no longer possible.

It is not that he disagreed with me.  He was just saying that the situation has changed.  There really are too many people who think that the way to deal with other people is to screw them every chance they get.  He was just saying that it hasn't always been that way.

There are those who may shrug and say human nature hasn't changed, and that people have always been dishonest.  True enough that there have always been dishonest people.  The thing that may be different now is that so many people are that way now.

Yet we  get polls that say we are on the wrong track.  If you want thinghs to get on the right track, you may want to look in the mirror.  If you want things to improve you are going to have to get others to improve their behavior.

That just might mean a war.  We have a cultural divide.  Part of that divide may include a mindset that it is okay to lie, cheat, and steal.   Such thinking gives you the troublesome societal indicators, like homosexual marriage and abortions.  Those who push these agendas are the same people who won't respect truth.  Eventually, the respect for truth ends up as basic morality.  If you dig deeper, then you get Christianity, I believe.

Along with everything else, America is losing its soul.  One cannot exist without the other.

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