Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Western Civilization is doomed

Simple as pie.  If there is no agreement on fundamentals, then you have
no basis to organize.  There has to be organizing principles, so  then
there can be a useful interaction between the parties.  For a
civilization is a group of people who have organized upon commonly
accepted principles and standards.  If they cannot agree upon those
standards and principles, then upon what basis can they have a civilization?

But that would draw an argument, of course.  But it shouldn't.  How
can what I have just written be wrong?

From there, everything else falls into place.
Example:  In the United States of America, there was an election---
the election was based upon laws agreed upon well in advance.  The laws
were followed, a result occurred, but certain people did not accept it.

There are many such examples.  In fact, all of our society seems to be
breaking down based upon a basic disagreement upon what the principles

Examples:  What is marriage?  Who is the Pope?  What is Christianity?
What is Islam?  In my own case, what is insurance?  What is health

It isn't a mere pedantic discussion based upon semantics.  A thing is
what it is.  A civilization requires that people be civilized, and come
to agreements, and to live with them.



Trump's reviews seem to be more positive than negative.  But that has nothing
to do with this.

This is very, very fundamental.  It goes to the core of a matter.  For instance,
if you cannot agree that grass is green, and the sky is blue, then what can you
agree upon?

So, some folks say Trump is great.  Means nothing if the words don't mean what
they mean.  The words have to mean something.

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Marcel F. Williams said...

Our species has probably been around for at least 200,000 years and our hunter-gatherer genus (Homo) for nearly 2.6 million years. So 'civilization', less than 10,000 years old, is relatively new to us-- even though we're on the verge of permanently expanding off our planet of evolutionary origin.