Friday, March 3, 2017

How many people believe the fake news?

Obviously, the "deep state", or whatever you want to call it, wants to get rid of Trump.  But we knew that all along.  That isn't news, but what is news to me is how these people are going about it.

I figured a more direct approach---assassination.  Instead, it appears that they are going to try to stir up the population with the fake news, and then try to take him out via impeachment, or a defeat at the polls when he runs for reelection.

I think Trump can win the PR war.  For that is what it is.  He may not win reelection that way, but he needs only to hang on to one third of the House or Senate, and he is okay.  They have to prove that he broke the law, and if he hasn't, they won't be able to move that many against him.

David Stockman says that there will be a government shutdown.  That tactic worked before, but  those times were with different presidents made of different stuff.  If Trump is truly made of different stuff; and if  he rides it out long enough, he will have put to the lie that a government shutdown will result in a government default.  In fact,, it is the opposite.  The government's finances will improve with a shutdown.  They will forced to live within their means, and that will cause the budget to come into balance.

Basically, the "deep state" is counting on the supporters of Trump to cave in.  Also, for Trump to cave in.  We will see how that works out.

Eventually, I believe the falseness of these people will be seen for what it is.  When that happens, their defeat will be total.

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