Friday, September 4, 2015

Obligatory, 9/4/15

Back to the question again.  Why do people believe what they believe?

For example, why would you believe in AGW, but not in Scripture?  Why is that?

Well, the answer could be something along the lines that AGW is Science, and Scripture is Religion.  But, I think I have shown that AGW isn't science after all.  It is a religion.

Do you really believe that AGW is a Science?  Then, what is Science?  Does Science ever say that the "debate is over"?  Does Science ever claim that those who do not believe a theory is a heretic of some kind, and therefore must be punished?  Al Gore wants to punish those who deny AGW.  No, in Science there are no sacred cows.  There's nothing that cannot be overthrown by a new, more compelling theory.  In Science, nothing is written in Stone, like the Ten Commandments.  But, wait.  AGW is written in Stone, thou must not question it.  Science is always trying to overthrow what came previously.  Science is always trying to disprove a theory.  Science will allow for dissenting opinions, indeed REQUIRES it.  AGW violates Science, it does not affirm it at all.

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