Saturday, September 5, 2015

Computer security

As I'm typing this, my desktop is updating with a new version of computer security software.  This seems to happen quite often, and I'm wondering if it is all really necessary.  Or, in other words, if computer users are being scammed for money.

There really shouldn't be a security issue with operating system software.  The fact that there is leads me to believe that it is a feature, not a bug.  By feature, I mean that the need for computer security is said to be pitched to you for your protection, by its really in existence so as to fleece you, so it is in the interest of the provider, get it?

If I had the time ( if only, if only, if only ), I would try to find a solution for this and migrate to Linux.  However, Linux may not necessarily be any better.  If it were truly based upon Unix, then there wouldn't be a security issue.  ( if what I heard about Unix is correct )

Linux is open source, so whatever solution would also be open source.  If there's a way around this, the hackers would easily find it.

But if the operating system is truly bullet proof, then the hackers wouldn't matter anyway.

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