Thursday, September 3, 2015

More AGW skepticism

This is something of a continuation of the post that attempts to address what people believe.

In the previous post, I discussed the AGW theory and how that really isn't science, but a belief.  My assertion, right?  So, I've had plenty of posts that dissects this down to nothing.  So, for me, the question for anybody reading this who believes in AGW, how can you believe it after what I've just written?  How is that possible?

That's kinda what I'm getting at.  Why do people believe what they believe?

I can go on and on about why this AGW isn't science, but it won't register with the true believers because their point of view isn't rational.  I mean, how?

Here's another thing about AGW to consider:

The buildup of carbon dioxide is blamed for AGW.  As I have pointed out, this buildup doesn't amount to much.  In fact, the carbon dioxide concentration is about 400 parts per million.  That's 1 part in 2500.  If it were in pounds, it would be like a bottle of water v. the weight of a small car.

This little bottle of water has to keep that little car warmer than it would ordinarily be.  Remember the experiment I did with 1 pound of water by boiling it?  It goes back to room temperature in about an hour.  Yet, the carbon dioxide is supposed to retain its heat for much longer than that.

If the bottle of water was to be compared with water, it would be like 1 pound of water v. 2500 pounds of water.  It would take 2500 times more BTUs to heat up that 2500 pounds than that 1 pound of bottled water.  That's a lot of energy right there, if you were to think of it.  It has to keep that 2500 constantly at 1 degree farenheit warmer than it would be otherwise.  All of that from a little bitty bottle?  It has to do that all night when the sun isn't shining.  Lots of energy, pal.  Lots of energy.

That little bottle of water would have to be a powerhouse of energy.  That fact of the matter is that you couldn't put that much energy into it.  It isn't possible.

But that is what would have to happen for such a small amount of carbon dioxide to heat up an entire atmosphere and keep it warm for the entire night when the sun doesn't shine.  The ratios for carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is that same as for that example given above.  The example was to show what the AGW theorists want you to believe.   One of the problems with AGW then, is scale.  What they propose doesn't scale up the way they are claiming.  It's because there just isn't that much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Not to mention the other points I have already made.

You may as well believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy than to believe in AGW.  Yet, you are going to get people who will swear up and down that I'm a tool of BIG OIL and/or a fool.  They will point to the authorities and say "there".  But there's no "there there".   But the believers will insist that there is.

It's all about belief and nothing else.

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