Saturday, September 5, 2015

AGW discussion ( ad nauseum )

Yep, here I am again with this.  Just wondering why you guys who believe this stuff actually believe it when it cannot possibly be science.

Okay, that is quite a statement, but I think I have backed it all up with these posts.  If that weren't enough for you, in case you had any doubts, maybe this latest thing might do it for you finally...

How much biomass gets produced each year?  Why is this important?  Because biomass comes from photosynthesis.  All of it does.  The process of photosynthesis takes up the carbon dioxide from the air and creates the biomass.  Hence, a comparison between the amount of biomass being produced each year and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be an interesting comparison, might it not?

The amount of biomass produced each year is 100 billion tons per year.  That's 1 times 10 to the 11th power, or 1e11 tons.  Or 2k times that for pounds, which yields 2e14 pounds.  The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the mass of the atmosphere divided by 2500 because 400 parts per million is 400/ 1e6 or 2.5 e3, which is 5.5 quadrillion tons ( 5.5 e 15 or 11 e 18 pounds ) divided by 2.5 e3 giving
4.4e15 pounds.  Or about 20 times as much carbon dioxide as amount of biomass produced each year.  Note: It took over a century for human activity to increase carbon dioxide by 200 parts per million.  One or two parts per year.  That's less than the biomass being produced each year.

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel and cement production was said to be 36 gigatons per year.  About 1/3 the amount of biomass production.  Note:  we aren't even counting bacteria in the biomass.

Question:  Could it be that nature takes care of the carbon being produced and the accumulation is due to a factor other than human activity?

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