Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obligatory, 9/1/15

Posting has been rather light.  My apologies.  There's no explanation other than I haven't got anything to say.

There's kind of an empty feeling right now.  I got an antenna for my TV so that I could watch football games.  It's the only thing that I find interesting enough to watch anymore.  Even there, I watched about half of the game Sunday, but then I got bored and went on to doing something else.  I turned the TV on yesterday and couldn't find anything interesting enough for me to want to watch.  It's all cotton candy empty headed junk.

Something just struck me now, but given how little interest there is, I wonder if anybody will see it, or that it will matter anyway.  The thought is that the world is full of crap.  The whole world is just totally full of crap.  Everything is a lie.  If you try to live a truthful life, you will walk a lonely way.  The world is false.  If you try to bring truth to a situation, you will be ignored or even hated for it.

People need to believe things, though.  This is the great weakness that allows lies to creep in.  Doesn't that seem like a contradiction?  But no, it isn't.  Even though people need to believe things, they really don't check things out thoroughly.  If what sounds good is compelling enough, they'll believe it, even though there isn't ample proof for them to believe it or not.  Besides, truth isn't belief, nor belief is synonymous with truth.  You can believe something with all your heart, and it can still be false as hell.  What you believe is internalized into your ego, and becomes a part of you, but that doesn't necessarily make a thing true.  The truth exists outside of what you believe.

With respect to Christianity, it seemed like I was on a path towards believing in it.  Now, I just don't know.  The Gospels' authorship cannot be pinned down.  Something about that struck me as strange.  If you cannot pin down who wrote the Gospels, then how do you know what is the truth?  Something as important as this cannot be vouchsafed as being accurate?  That seems strange that you are called upon to believe in something that cannot be proven in any way.  The identity of the witnesses can't be pinned down.  That was the track I was on, that Christianity can be verified through its witnesses, but that seems to have all gone to smash.

So, you are left with another thing to believe or not believe.  If you don't believe it, you are considered to be bad by those who do believe.  It is really no different than believing in AGW.  People could be making this stuff up and then getting people to believe it.

I feel pretty much that evil exists.  If there's anything that is evil, it is something that is false.  Especially something false that people say in order to fool other people into believing it to be true.


With respect to Christianity, it may be a good idea to go back and re-read the book about the Early Church.

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