Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obligatory, 9/2/15

What to write about today?  You know what?  I don't know.  I'm out of words, ya'll.  Don't know what to say.

Well, there was something about checking out the book Four Witnesses a couple days ago.  It is on my Kindle, but I misplaced it.  Found it last night, but it needed a charge.  Charged it overnight, so it can be checked out today, provided I have the time.  The answer to the question I posed is probably there in that book, but I have to be sure.

Other than that, what to write about?  This business about Trump seems strange.  Is Trump really the answer, or we being manipulated again?  Hey, everybody, jump onboard the Trump train.  So, everybody dutifully jumps onboard the Trump train.  Really, are you people really that mindless?

Yeah, I saw that the stock market seems to be rolling over again.  Wait until after Labor Day.  I heard one time somebody mentioned that all the pros come back from vacation then.  In 2000, that's when the big selloff began for that bear market.  It happened again in 2008.  This time of the year is about the time you get your big selloffs.  In 1987, there was a big crash.  Will people jump from high places this time?

Oh, and Obama is going to get enough Senators to go along with his Iran deal.  It was written up as a "victory" in the Washington Post.  A victory over who?  Why, the GOP of course.  The GOP loves to be the whipping boy.  The left obliges with glee.  Ain't it wonderful?  /sarc

I'd really like to go out West on Labor day, but it is just too dumb.

Well, that's all for now.


Read parts of the book and also watched a video by the author.  Quite interesting.

The early Christians learned not by the book, but by the method of discipleship.

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