Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mr. Integrity-- Phillip Green in Casino

That's what he was called in this movie.  He was a front man for an illegal operation in Las Vegas.  They needed a "clean" guy to give the operation a legitimate look.

This reminds me a lot of James Comey, who is also playing the "Mr. Integrity" role to the hilt.

Comey was left out of the loop on the Anthony Weiner provided emails.  Comey then re-opened the sham investigation of Hillary, and subsequently cleared her of that scandal.  After losing the election, Hillary blames Comey.  Not to mention, the Dems cook up the phony Russian collusion scandal in order to get rid of Trump.

If they get rid of Trump, then they could cover up the scandals for good.  That's why they need to take Congress back.

Too bad the RINOS have to help the Dems by throwing the election.  Maybe we can thank the "hero" John McCain for that.

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