Thursday, May 17, 2018

Obligatory, 5.17.18

There was a huge data spike yesterday.  I'm already maxxed out on data even before the day started.  It just spiked again.  Now, it says I only have half a gig left for this cycle.  Methinks these people are trying to force into buying more data.

Remember the film called Falling Down?  I'm having that kind of day.  Don't know if I shoot up a joint or not.  (  that was a joke )  The guy was running into a lot of problems all at once, and he snaps.

Anyway, just wrote several sentences, and this thing wiped it all out.  Now, I have to start over.  Never did like this laptop, but it was pretty cheap.  The "wipe out" of my writing, and the data spike are some of the things that are bugging me.  Just getting started, if that was my inclination.

So, let's not make it that way.  Let's not blow things up, even though some people might deserve it.

I pretty much had my fill of the bravo sierra, and maybe I'll move along for awhile.

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