Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gun-grabbing may be hazardous to your health

Here's an article that may chill the bones of your average gun-grabbing liberal.

All the same, it is better to stop the gun-grabbing before it gets started.  You can bet your bippy that if the liberals got what they wanted, the presidency would be determined largely by majority vote.  The president appoints judges, and judges could grab your guns.

Never mind that the Constitution says that the presidency is decided by the legislature of the various states.  If you are truly conservative, then you do away with popular election of the president.  If the liberals are going to twist the Constitution to the point of non-recognition, then the presidency is key.  Right now, they intend to swamp the country with millions of illegals, and get them to vote Democrat. 

Once they keep the presidency in liberal hands long enough, then they will outlaw guns and just about every other right we have.

The article linked above shows what must occur before the gun-grabbers can succeed.  They must have a totalitarian state, and that state must be ruthless in grabbing all guns.  If such were to happen, blood would have to run in the streets.

Holding hands and singing kumbaya won't get rid of the guns, liberals.  Getting rid of the guns would get people killed.  Better to deal with the failed liberal social experimentation than to start grabbing guns.

The real argument about gun violence is not the guns, but the culture.  The Dems and their RINO enablers support the culture of death, which is the problem.

Debbie Wasserman-Shultz called the NRA a terrorist organization.  But who stood down the investigation of the murder of Seth Rich?   Who set OJ Simpson free?  It wasn't the NRA.

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