Monday, May 14, 2018

Big joke



Did A British Spy Start The Whole Russia Investigation? Part I – Lunch Alert!

Did he have bad teeth?  Or did it matter?

Hey, they're looking in the wrong place.  Instead of Russia, it's the UK, baby.  Either way, it's bad.  I don't know the spy business.

Original post on 5.11.18 directly below ( baby ):

Have to laugh here.  So, this is the big scary guy who is about to bring down the good 'ol USA.

I don't want to make too much light of this, but this guy looks goofy.  On the other hand, maybe he is perfect for the part.  Mr. Big, indeed.

On the positive side, he lambasts neo-Conservatives.  It seems like he would not be high on the list of never Trumpers to me.  But, who knows?  I could be wrong.  Maybe I don't really understand Trump.  Possible.

I think that the neo-Cons would be the first and foremost one of his clients, if you ax me.  If Halper were to be the guy who is trying to derail the Trump train for good, he seems like an unlikely one to be doing it, based upon his book.  In other words, he should be supporting Trump.

A perfect mole?  Again, who knows?  Upon further examination of his background, this guy has definitely been around, and has his fingers in some pies.  For example, he may well have been the one to get George H.W. Bush as Reagan's Veep.  Bad medicine, kemosabe.  Halper may have been involved in some very shady stuff, like the S&L Crisis.

Anyway, thought I'd bring up a video that expresses something of what I am thinking here.


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