Friday, May 18, 2018

Egg cooker review

After practicing with this thing using nothing but water, I tried cooking some
eggs yesterday.  Rather than take a chance on the eggs not getting cooked enough,
I put the maximum amount of water on the hot plate device.

There's a lid that goes over it all, giving a small dome like appearance.  This
traps the heat, yet allows a small amount of steam to escape the small hole on

Thus the top part gets steam cooked, while the bottom part gets boiled.  It worked
well yesterday.  As an experiment, I will use the measuring cup for hard boiled
and see if it actually cooks all the way to hard boiled.  As of this writing,
the cooking has completed, and the thing is cooling down.  The eggs are still
sitting in the cooker.  Still don't trust this thing completely yet.

I will stop writing here, and attend to my eggs.  Be back with the results...

Back again.  Shelled the eggs and ate 'em up good.

Yummy.  Well, I must give a thumbs up for this little gizmo.  Although these were
not solar cooked eggs, as I used grid electricity for them on this go round, the
previous testing convinces me that the solar equipment that I have is up to the
job.  Clearly, this little egg cooker is also up to the job.

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