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The commie cadet...

Updated, 5.13.18:

Originally posted 10.2.17:

The left wing is a syndrome of behaviors that is incompatible with traditional American life.  You know, Limbaugh likes to say he knows liberals, but does he really?  If you read about Sun Tsu, then you know about the Art of War.  The Art of War says to know your enemy.  The left wing is an enemy alright, but does Limbaugh and the like really know these people?  If he did, victory would be assured, but I suspect that he does not.  Or, another possibility.  Sun Tsu also said to know yourself.  Then, if Limbaugh really does know the Left, then perhaps he really doesn't know what his own side is about.

I'm not talking about the so-called Right.  It is a lot easier to visualize opposites, so I think the so-called "Right" is often confused with being different from the Left.  I use "Right" in quotes, because it is the premises that I question.  Those who disagree with the Left do not have to be a member of the so-called "Right".

Adolf Hitler is a good example.  Hitler is always associated with the so-called "Right".  Hitler was a more militant form of fascism, which is not associated with freedom.  Hitler's ideas were based upon race.

Freedom knows no racial lines.  It knows no class lines.  You have it or you don't.  Fascists, Nazis, and Communists have not been known to be associated with freedom.

Reagan understood this distinction.  It expressed it in his Great Speech that launched his career.  If the so-called "Right" does not understand Reagan, then they cannot be successful against the Left, for they do not understand the reason for fighting them.

The so-called conservatives are often mixed in with the so-called Right.  I would also remind people that the use of words is critical.  If you allow the meanings of words to be confused, then you are on the way to defeat.

Limbaugh seems to understand this, and has talked about it; but then he doesn't eschew the Left's misuse of language.  The premises of the Left can never be accepted, for it is always intended to overthrow freedom, and to enslave the population in their ceaseless grip.

Therefore, who is Limbaugh?  Just a guy on the radio, as he says, or an important leader?  I think the former.  He may be on the side of freedom, but whose freedom?  He can take it or leave it, which means when the wolf comes, he will high tail it out of town.

One thing you can put in the bank, so to speak, the "sheep" will know when they are not free.

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...who said that the communists will win is probably right.  If this was still a serious country, he would have never been at West Point.  They would have weeded him out for sure, and bounced his ass in the brig, or out on the street.

BTW, the National Review has ceased to be a serious conservative publication.  If they were serious, they would not confuse conservatism with rightism.  I keep pointing this out, but nobody seems to care, nor pay attention.

Limbaugh does it too, by the way.  They all do.  Why?  I suspect that the conflict between the left v the right is what drives pageviews, and thus advertising.  You see, that is all they care about--- money.  If money is all they care about, then why defend freedom?

Hold your hats, I am going to get religious on you.  Jesus Christ said it--- a man who is just a hired hand cares nothing for the sheep.  When the wolf comes, he will run away.  The Good Shepard will stay, and take care of the sheep.  That is so that the sheep will be free.  Instead, these hired hands will flee when the Big Bad Wolf of Communism shows up.  They will do NOTHING, which is exactly how they are behaving now.  Open your eyes, and see the truth.

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