Tuesday, May 15, 2018

About Peter Thiel's video on American Decline

This link is via Instapundit, and I watched several minutes of it.  Of course, this guy is a billionaire, and people are interested in what he has to say.

He takes too long to get to the point.  He does seem to hit the nail on the head, so to speak.  But he is not a forceful enough speaker, in my opinion.

I have written on the subject myself, a little bit.

In my opinion, this society no longer values truth.  Hence, we end up with fake everything.  It is easier to fake things than to make real things, so people seem to take the easy way out.  There is no hard science anymore--- like curing cancer, or landing on the moon.  Nope, we end up with fake science like global warming.

Now we have a fake scandal that supports the continuance of the fake society.  I'm not much interested in following the fake.  I'm more interested in following the truth.  That puts me out of step with the crowd.  Screw the crowd.

If you base your society upon post modernism, you end up with fake everything.  Where there is no truth, there is nothing but fakery.  American society is going down the tubes because of post modernism.  More to the point, it like a worship of the fake.

You don't need a lot of words, you just need to get to the point.  But that is kinda hard.  I haven't gone very far with it myself.

Our society seems to worship money, too.  So, this billionaire gets a lot of credibility.  He must be smart, because he is rich.  Or so goes the thinking.

Unfortunately, that is the truth.  Not much you can do about the way in which people think.  You can complain about it, you can criticize it, but you cannot change it.  People have to do that for themselves.

You can't eat a billion bucks.  You can only trade for food.  But what happens to Thiel if he cannot feed himself?

Truth cannot be bought, borrowed, or stolen.  It can only be sought after.

I wish Thiel luck.  I wish Trump luck.  But they may not be able to get to the point.  But I am sure that they will make plenty of money.

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