Saturday, February 18, 2017

McCain and the Free Press

John McCain is doing his usual shtick.  It seems that you never hear about him unless he's playing up to the liberal media.

Seems like there were several articles in my reading which referred to McCain's criticism of Trump, who denounced the media as an enemy.

At this point, it is not a worry with regard to Trump.  The claim of this criticism is that Trump aims to be a dictator. 

There's plenty of ways to stop an aspiring dictator.  One way is to enforce the law.  The Congress is not without power in this matter, according to the Supreme Law of the Land.  According to the Constitution, Congress has the power of impeachment and removal from office of a wayward president.

However, any such talk regarding Trump is laughable at this point.  Besides, if you won't remove a president who was guilty of perjury, as Clinton was, then what good is McCain's criticism?  If we get a dictator, it will be because of a negligent Congress.  Trump's criticism of the media is no crime.  It is also no impediment to their freedom.  They have the freedom to write and speak as they wish, but they don't have the right to be unopposed.  All the president is doing is challenging them.  What's wrong with that?

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