Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Passive solar test

This one won't go into the subseries of posts.  Reason being that the test was a failure.  What would be the point?

The failure came when I realized that this thing isn't getting all that hot.  It had the full sun on it for hours, but it just didn't get very hot.  I had the water running through it for hours as well, but at the end of the day, the water just wasn't very warm at all.

The question is whether or not to try again.  The system was out in the wind.  Perhaps the wind took away what effect the sun had, and diminished the output of the system.  The system will have to be shielded against the wind.  That means an enclosed area that has access to the sun's light.

That would require a rework of the idea.  I could route the heated water into a place where it could be kept insulated against the weather.  ( It wasn't today.)  Perhaps inside the trailer would be the best thing.  There would have to be a pump that could be strong enough to get the water through the system.  That would require a strong pump, as the onboard pump to the trailer took a long time to get the water through the system.  There was a lot of hose for it to go through, you see.

Well, now I have something to think about.


A fact to keep in mind is that the water going in was actually quite cold.  It wasn't freezing, but it was probably in the low fifties.  I should measure the temperature of the water somehow, but I don't have a thermometer that would be appropriate. 

In order to proper evaluate performance, I may need to run another experiment.  This time, with a thermometer.

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