Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn Victim Of Obama

Flynn Victim Of Obama


....the prospect of the political appointees in one administration  {Obama's} using their powers and surveillance capabilities to bring about the resignation of a highly placed official in the incoming administration is, itself, a more alarming event than any perpetrated by Michael Flynn


Looks like sheer spitefulness to me.  The loser getting off a parting shot.


If you note the word "alarming" in the quote.  It should be noted that Obama had ties to the Bill Ayers character who was with the Weathermen group of radicals.  These characters spoke of the necessity of killing millions of Americans in order to pursue their revolution.  People downplayed that in order to give Obama the benefit of the doubt during the early days of his presidency.  Note how an all-American type is dragged through the mud by the media, and is treated wrongfully by the outgoing administration.  It seems that the generosity expressed towards Obama was most likely a grave mistake.

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