Monday, February 13, 2017

The Media Sucks

Just wanted to say that, ya'll.

Why do they suck?  All they seem interested in is in attacking Trump.  That is not their job.  Their job isn't to be political hacks picking political fights with whoever is in the White House.  They may not like Trump, but if he is so bad, it will become evident on its own.

The people really aren't stupid.  That is why Hillary isn't president.  This is what these people do not understand.  They must think the people are stupid for putting Trump into power.  By their way of thinking, the people must be overcome.  If it means stirring up a revolution in order to overthrow Trump, by golly, they will do it.

Frankly, instead of just a Twitter war against these assholes, Trump should arrest and hang the whole damned bunch.

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