Saturday, May 16, 2015

All the evidence you need

of how the left is winning is in this quote, which is reference to global warming claims:

"In the end, if you win the frame war, your opponents back off and they start using your language," he said. "And then you've won."

It's the same with all of the "debates".  The left wins when there's nobody left to dispute their premises.

We lose when we play their game by their rules.  There's the proof right up above in that quote.

Limbaugh once talked about how the left has hijacked the language.  They have indeed, and that is how they hijacked public opinion and how they are winning.

And that is why when you refer to homosexuals as "gay", you eventually end up with same sex marriage.  Marriage stops being a sacred institution and becomes the left's latest trophy in the culture war.

The quote just told you how they do it.  The so-called right isn't even fighting, they are surrendering.

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