Monday, October 20, 2014

Who are blog readers?

That question could be answered by looking in the mirror.

I read blogs.  Why?

Dissatisfaction mainly, with the other forms of information available.

But the dissatisfaction may be spreading to blogs, too.  Why?

Perhaps it's a type of unreality that I think I'm seeing.  People want to hear fairy tales.  They sure get them from the major media.  A lot of blogs seem to be getting that way too.

People want to hear stories where the good guy wins, gets the girl, and walk off into the sunset and they live happily ever after.  In this world, the bad guy wins.  The girl remains locked up in the castle, guarded by an evil troll.  Now, all of that is an oversimplification perhaps, but there's truth to it.

So, a dash of reality doesn't sell.  It doesn't work in getting that audience of overgrown kids to come by and buy what you're selling.

I may be wasting my time here.  That's why I am a little short of words lately.  I'm thinking that I've put up some good stuff here.  Is it all a fantasy of mine?  I think not.  It was supposed to be based upon things that are being done and could be done if those things were taken to their conclusion.

But those things won't be taken to their conclusion because the troll guards "the girl" locked up in the castle.

Solutions exist, but the fairy tales come running so that the kids never grow up.  It's all in the plan.  You're not supposed to grow up.  You're supposed to always be a kid.

Maybe that's why I read blogs.  How to whip that troll interests me, but the solution to that isn't in me.  It may not exist anywhere, because the world sure doesn't want them.  The fairy tales told by the troll is what they'll listen to.

But what I've got ain't no fairy tale.  I don't think it is.  I think what theirs is the fairy tale and this stuff is the real deal.

Some of those bloggers are starting to look a lot like the trolls guarding the girl in the castle.  I don't have no solution for that.  Bummer.

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