Saturday, October 25, 2014

Still busy

Every weekend, there's something to be done.  This weekend is no different.  I've got a dental appointment first thing this morning.  With some luck, all my dental issues will be resolved by no later than today.

The question is what to do with the rest of the weekend?

I've been buying stuff for the "ranch".  I've got to call it something, so for now on, I'll refer to it as the "ranch".  Or maybe "da ranch", like they call them "da Bears".  So, what's going on at "da ranch"?  A whole lotta planning and nothing else.  So far, I've spent maybe 3 grand on trips and such on da ranch, but only a few hours on da ranch to show for it.

Well, one part of the planning is where to put down roots, so to speak.  It should be on the highest point, I would think.  Just in case there's any flooding that ever goes on da ranch, I will hopefully be high and dry.  In order to assure this, I've been studying topological maps for my area.  Indeed, the thing that probably made me most happy about the last trip to da ranch was that I think I've got a location for my abode, as it is on the highest point on da ranch.

Now, for the hardest part, which includes physical labor.  Yep, I'm a gonna to have to work my tail off on da ranch.  I'm going to make that car port, or I should say "canopy", because it is now going to be nothing more than a well anchored tent.  To even get that much done is going to require some labor, don't ya know.

I've got my drill, but that's not going to get this done.  So, I've been looking for some parts to make this work.  I've lined up some of them, but I'm looking for more.  You see, when I do go out there. I want to be sure as I can be that those danged holes get drilled and filled.

So, when I get back from the dentist, I'll be sure to line up those things and do some other things so that I'll be ready for my next trip to da ranch.

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