Thursday, October 23, 2014

Obama a Republican?

What a controversial statement.  Let's look, er, seriously at the question.


He owns the GOP.  They give him everything he wants.
The Supreme Court is allowing same-sex marriage.  The court has a 5-4 conservative edge, it is said.
Michael Bloomberg ran for NY mayor as a Republican
The Chamber of Commerce favors amnesty.  That has to mean that the GOP really favors it too.
Romney said Obama is a nice guy.  That means they are good friends, wouldn't you say?  Cheney called somebody on the left an asshole, so that's the kind of talk you look for.
The GOP won't repeal ObamaCare.  And Obama says it's a GOP idea anyway.
Democrats are running away from him.  That should be the clincher.  But wait, the GOP isn't running away from him.
The GOP House voted for taxes on the rich.


Obama says Fox isn't a real news network.

Oops!  Sorry!  Can't think of anything else.  Looks like Obama is a Republican after all.

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