Sunday, October 19, 2014

Struggling today

Yeah.  The words, the inspiration, the drive--- all missing.  Don't know what gives.  It's almost as if suddenly, I don't care.

Which is weird.  Let's say, I'm weirded out.

I finished my items pretty early yesterday, and I can't come up with more.  It's almost as if the entire project could have become too easy.  But I haven't done a thing, yet.  If there's any problem is that I'm spending too much money.

Maybe those problems just don't seem so daunting, and I'm slipping back into contemplating my navel.  By the way, contemplating one's navel means an over concern with self.  The thing to do about that is to get into action doing something meaningful so that you thoughts don't come back to yourself and your own little corner of the world.  Sucking one's thumb is closely allied with the phenomenon.

That's what people do, I suppose, when life gets a bit too easy.  They'll start contemplating their navels.  When that happens, trouble could soon begin.  Either they will slip into drug abuse ( turning inward ), or to crime ( turning outward ).  Life is so easy that some type of stimulation is needed in order to deal with the boredom and lack of meaning.

Perhaps I exaggerate the significance of what I'm trying to do.  Or I misunderstand what's really going on in the world.  Still, if I'm right about half of it, that's something.  The past record leads me to believe I'm right better than zero and less than one hundred percent.  All self-kidding aside, my track record is good enough for me to believe that I'm not too far off the mark.

That's all.  I don't know if anybody will pay attention or get what I'm saying, but that's all, just the same.

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