Saturday, October 25, 2014

Keep 'er moving

Back from the dentist, my dental work may be done.  Didn't get super lucky, as I may have to make another trip for an adjustment if things don't feel just right.  We'll see.

Once I got home, started checking out a couple things I bought and received this week.  Got some Bentonite and an auger bit.  Tried out the auger with my drill and it seems okay.  The Bentonite looks like it supposed to look like as it is a powder.  Didn't want to mess with that just now, just checking it out.

Got back online and ordered a couple more things for the drill.  Why all this stuff?  Once I get out there, I want to be sure, sure, sure that I get some holes dug.  This may be more stuff than I need, but it should work for my purposes and assure me that it will definitely get done once I get out there.

As I am writing this, my mouth is still numb and it's really weird.

I got to thinking about other things, like welding.  I know that I don't want to go to welding school.  I don't need to be a welder.  Just want to do it well enough to get a few things done.  Here's something that may work for me.

Keeping everything moving and setting up for another trip out West.  When?  It looks like Thanksgiving may be the best time.  You know how that is, though.  Shit happens.


I'm setting up what I want to do with the Bentonite.  It is supposed to be like clay, so the idea is to make bricks out of the dirt I got left over from the water experiments.  With these bricks, I will conduct tests with the drill and see what it is capable of.

In the process of doing this, I need to retrieve some dirty equipment left over from the first water experiments.  Since I had to get water really dirty, I decided to break out the most recent incarnation of that device.  Not to too much of a surprise, it didn't work very well.  It drained poorly, and the water quality was bad.  I think to use these things, they have to be kept wet.  If they dry out, something happens to them.

Okay, once I get the water thing cleaned up once more, and the equipment cleaned up, I may be ready to do something new here.

Update ( about 6:30 pm same day ):

The water filtration part of this is actually starting to perform pretty well.  I'm getting clear water on the second pass through.  Still a bit slow draining, though.

Update ( about to close down for the night 8:10 pm ):

Unbelievable how clean that water got.  I'm going to have to make a video about it in the morning.  Time to close shop for another day.

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