Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time pressure is on

The quickie posts.  Each morning, I scan the news for what's going on.  I try to find something to write about, and it gets later all the time.  Finally, an idea latches on, but it is getting late.  I get an idea to post, but the idea can only get so much attention is such a short time.

Same thing happened just now.  I am seeing a pattern, or maybe more than one pattern.

First one may be the Monica Lewinsky anti-bullying campaign.  This one strikes me as a form of "shut-uppery" coming from the left.  Drudge ruined her life, she says.  Oh.  So now Drudge has to shut up, I suppose.

The next one may be about this race mongering coming from the left.  Funny how all that works.  If you oppose them, then you are racist; but their policies favor everybody but the white folks.  Somehow it is shameful to be white, and you are racist even though they ( meaning the left and their followers) benefit from their own racialist policies.

The race mongering is similar to how the class conflict works.  Somehow, the rich liberals aren't rich and the non-rich conservatives are "for the rich".  The finger pointing is a great dodge, a great PR ploy.  You don't have to be a victim of class warfare as long as you say the right things and point at the "other guys".  You are "sensitive", those other guys are neanderthals.

What does it all mean?  It's just a fight over money and power.  They get to pretend to serve, but only seek to serve themselves.  That's all it is.

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