Thursday, October 23, 2014

Campaign finance reform

Sure, I think there's a chance for that.  But not a very good one.

One reason is that the idea of reform really doesn't mean reform, but advantage.  The left propagates their ideas this way.  All reforms go through them, at least according to them, and all benefits also accrue to them.  Reform is just a form of self-aggrandizement of the left.

If the left were really serious, they'd want to downsize the spending, period...

The way to do that is not with public financing of elections.  It should be clear to anyone that whoever controls the purse strings controls the activity.  If the government controlled the purse strings, they control the speech.  This is just a way for the left to get total control of speech, just as they have it on major media and in the schools.

How to downsize the spending?  Just don't allow organizations to raise money for political candidates.  Whatever a candidate got should have to come from an individual.  To keep rich individuals from dominating politics too much, just prevent them from donating more than a set amount in any given election cycle.  The latter is already being done, but it should be expanded to include all spending from any individual.  For example, an individual could be limited to a couple thousand bucks total spending in any given election cycle.  A millionaire can only spending a couple grand.  That's it.

How would they run campaigns, then?  No money?

You could use the internet and word of mouth.  Money isn't absolutely necessary.  But money does give the opportunity for the few to gain far more influence than what they should have.

Organizations should be banned because organization overwhelm the individual.  We should keep the individual supreme in this culture.  I fear that collectivism  could overrun this culture after all.  Keep this quote in mind and its source, which the left likes to call evil.

In order to achieve the widest possible distribution of political power, financial contributions to political campaigns should be made by individuals alone. I see no reason for labor unions–or corporations–to participate in politics. Both were created for economic purposes and their activities should be restricted accordingly.---Barry Goldwater

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