Monday, October 20, 2014

Want a fairy tale?

Then read the Autobiography of Malcolm X.  That's a real fairy tale, there.

In that fairy tale, the white man is the evil troll that oppresses the virtuous black race.  The virtuous black race is a metaphor for the "girl" locked up in the castle guarded by the evil troll, as pointed out in my previous post.

This fairy tale is presented over and over again in all of Western Culture---ie. it's higher institutions of "learning".  I know because it was on the reading list when I was in a certain class in the university.  The "virtuous" purpose of it is to destroy the evil troll so that the virtuous princess can be set free.

Now, if you read the book mentioned above, you see where we're going as a culture.  That's why I call it a Death Cult, for it's our death that they wish.

Ebola is just what the doctor ordered, I suspect.

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