Friday, June 16, 2017

Wendy Davis: Surgically Constructed “Human Barbie Doll”? ...updated

The Real Wendy Davis

Most people — at least those without a plastic surgeon on retainer — do not become more good looking as they age from their late 20s to their early 50s.

Yeah, the pictures tell the story.  She went from very, very average to good looking as she got older.  Something doesn't compute.

original post on 7.2.13, Updated on 6.6.17:

The real Human Barbie commented upon this post.  Thought that was worth a repost.


This looks a little like the Lady Gaga look in the music video Bad Romance.  Did Lady Gaga take the look from Human Barbie, or did Human Barbie take the look from Lady Gaga?

Only the hairdresser knows for sure.  ( you may not recognize that old line. )


V Lukyanova said...

I just noticed you mentioned Human Barbie in this post, so thank you for that :)
Just wondering, is the any chance you'd consider adding my link (Human Barbie) to the post as well?
I think it would be super-useful for your visitors.
Let me know if this is possible and if so, anything I can do to help.

Greg said...

That is you? Very nice. Thank you for the comment.