Monday, June 12, 2017

Updated on 6.12.17: Review--The Liberty Amendments: Amend the Constitution--to Save It

Note:  The system in DC is broken.  Perhaps it is time to consider changing the system to something else.  This does not have to be a partisan effort.  It seems that the Dems have a motive to get behind it too.

original post ( 8.13.13 )follows below:

Breitbart  via Instapundit

Levin's The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, released Aug. 12, is an ambitious plan to save the American political experiment from the encroachments of big government in Washington, D.C.


Levin calls for a constitutional convention.  I agree.  In fact, I did this myself on this here blog.  Glad that he agrees.  Maybe Limbaugh will start pushing it.


A discussion of the possible downside of a "con-con"---- a runaway convention.

Update 5.5.17:

Texas become 11th state to call for an Article V convention of states.  Only 11?

Update 6.12.17 :

News.  The number is now 12.

Is it possible that a lot of what we all talk about is driven by the news?  What I mean is that what may be preferable is to do something to control the media.  Some may cite first amendment concerns, but this largely seems overblown to me.  The media is way the hell out of control, and tries to drive everything in a certain direction.  If they are going to do this, then the media should not be owned by a publicly traded corporation, either directly held, or indirectly held.

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