Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thank You, Gentleman Jim - by Robert Ringer

Thank You, Gentleman Jim - by Robert Ringer: The most overarching picture of last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearings is that Gentleman Jim Comey — the former FBI chief — came across as just another disgruntled ex-employee seeking revenge. He need not worry, however, because he’s a shoo-in for a multimillion dollar book deal and many high-paid speeches for years to come — …


Ringer is no never-Trumper, but his support of Trump has boundaries.  Indeed, some of this piece seems directed at a yearning for Pence in the White House.  Sorry, I cannot agree.  If you let Pence happen by way of impeachment and removal from office, Pence will be stained as well.  Pence needs to get there by way of an election in his own right.  Not by this way that seems to be underway now.

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