Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mueller has appointed "all-stars" to prosecute Trump

According to Vox, the President may have a problem.  When I read this, it is like they are only interesting in winning, not in pursuing justice.

Do these people really believe that Trump did anything of any consequence?  The only thing that I can see is that he challenged the power structure.  It is this same overpowering power structure that is now turning on him.

How can a billionaire be at a disadvantage?  If you are going up against the government, with its virtual unlimited resources, it doesn't matter who you are.

Here's the  government being used to subvert the will of the people.  Plain and simple.  Whenever you vote the wrong way, the government is there to set you straight.

Believe me, this looks like Goliath setting out for David.  Whether or not Trump can be David, and kick Goliath's ass--- well, he's done so this far.

Update (s) 12 :00 :

Yes, you can see this one coming a mile away.  Once you accept a false premise, then here comes the next one.  The false premise here is that they were going to investigate "collusion".  Well, by that time, they already had done that out the wazoo.  What they really want was to go after the President on a process crime.  Yeah, and they don't even have that.

I'm sorry, but too many people on the GOP side are taking this much too lightly.  On the other side, you've got Mueller appointing all-star legal beagles.  You are going to wake up one day, and Hitler will have you backed up against the sea.  Will you have time to regroup?  Maybe not.

They tried to rig an election, and failed.  However, it may be easier to rig a trial.  Just sayin'.

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