Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cowardly betrayal

These rotten cowardly scum named a special counsel for a crime that does not exist.


I guess this really is a coup.

There is absolutely no reason for this.  NONE.


Rosenstein appointed the rotten f**k.  I don't care who the guy is, to take this job is a travesty.  To appoint this guy is a travesty.

Don't tell me that Pence will be better. NO. F******G WAY.

The GOP and their supporters are just plain old chickenpoop.  No other word for it.

This is how they got Ashcroft out of the way to pave the way for Comey to name Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald got Scooter Libbey convicted of a process crime.  Now Comey won't recommend prosecution for Hillary, but he sure will go after Trump.  BULLSH!T.

Trump is going to get convicted of a process crime most likely.  What a bunch of bravo sierra.

Sessions is chickenpoop, too.  Ashcroft is chickenpoop.  All of them are chickenpoop as far as I am concerned.


Again.  Does this guy want to be President?

Maybe we were conned last year.


Mueller may look good on paper, but the circumstances surrounding this, and the virulence of the opposition , plus the indifference towards justice leads me to believe that justice will definitely not be served.

I am not at all assured.  This is a disastrous decision.  Nothing  good is likely to come from it.

03:10  May 18:

Rosenstein appoints Mueller.  But Rosenstein was the one who recommended Comey's firing.

How does Rosenstein have any credibility here?

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