Thursday, June 15, 2017

Don't know what to say about this

There is an explosion of rhetoric on the conservative side after this latest shooting news.  What is the most important thing to remember about it?

Not gun control, that is for sure.  If your political opponent starts shooting at you, you don't unilaterally disarm.  That would make no sense at all.

It seems that many on the left are disavowing this violence, while at the same time, they seem to be encouraging it.  Perhaps they should decide on how it really is, and then go with that, hmmm?  After saying the GOP is evil after all these years, then why should any of them be surprised when some unhinged nut starts shooting?

But if they want to shoot, let 'em shoot.  As long as those being shot at are willing to support the rule of law, the truth, and Western Civilization, then shoot back!

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