Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A case that can "blow up" the Deep State

Says the guy in this video.

He goes through some connections here that are shocking, or maybe not so shocking if you are cynical enough.

There's enough here to convince people that this business about going after Trump is really a diversion from the real story.  A political hit job.

Try to ignore some of the irrelevant stuff.  The key point is Wasserman-Schultz and who stopped the DC investigation into the murder of Seth Rich- her brother, who was in a position to do that.  Somebody had to do that because that is what happened.   There was a murder and the investigation was stopped.  Why??????

There are a lot of "convenient" connections here.  Rich was a Sanders supporter, and would have a reason to be disgruntled about Hillary stealing the nomination from Bernie.  Wasserman-Schultz was head of DNC when this was going on.  She resigned presumably because of the WikiLeaks "revelations" but everybody in the know already knew that the nomination was rigged in Hillary's favor.  She left because it was too much attention being focused on her and this murder.

Meanwhile, the dog keeps chasing his tail, and doesn't bark.  People, you need to wake up.  The Deep State is attempting a coup de tat.

Update (s):  19:21 :

Sean Hannity got in on this, but has since backed off.  Here's the thing:  you have to go after the facts, and what are those?

I have been looking on YouTube.  It doesn't look like a good place to look, because people are trying to hype their information.  So, information may be hard to come by.

One thing that did turn up was that there were a lot of cameras in the neighborhood where Seth Rich was shot.  Now, I remember somewhere that videos existed of the murderer(s).  Maybe they do, maybe they don't.  But it is plausible that some videos may be out there.  Also, that the perps had to go a certain way, because there were people in the other possible ways out of the neighborhood that didn't see the perps.  So, they kinda to know where to look for videos.

There's plenty to be suspicious about with respect to this case.  People who try to downplay it are a bit suspicious themselves as far as I am concerned.  Conspiracy theorizing?  What do you call what is happening to Trump?  There is actually a crime here, but after months of looking, nobody has a crime in the Russian thing.  Which one should get the attention based upon the actual evidence presented thus far?

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