Saturday, March 31, 2018

Fulton Sheen on the Anti-Christ

Why bother with this?  In order to answer that, consider where Western Civilization is going.  It is getting more and more secular, is it not?  If so, then what is driving it?  Isn't it some sort of spiritual force that is causing people to fall away from Christianity, and to embrace this secular humanism?

Now consider this-- the denial of hell.  Clearly, this is not Christian.  It appears to come from the Pope himself.  Yet, the Vatican denies it.

Furthermore consider this as well --- the bishop ( later archbishop)  Fulton Sheen prophesies the coming of the Anti-Christ.  The quote therein seems to describe the current Pope, who denies hell, and then, through his spokesmen, denies the denial.  In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ says that Satan is the Father of all Lies.  Somebody isn't telling the truth with respect to the subject of Hell.

There has been discussion of Revelation on this blog.  Believe what you will, but I believe that something is definitely up in our culture.  But that isn't news, now, is it?

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