Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gun control hocus pocus

Former justice of the Supreme Court says to abolish the Second Amendment.  He
says he believes that this will make schools safe.

Always challenge the premises.

Are schools unsafe?  What is a sufficient standard of safety?  If total safety
is required, what price are you willing to pay?

Total safety cannot be achieved.  There is more than one way to kill people.  The
removal of guns may make schools safer than they are now, but that doesn't eliminate
all risk.

That was number one on the list of premises.

Number two is the one that says mere gun possession makes schools unsafe.

But the rhetoric doesn't match the deeds.  If gun- free zones make schools safer,
then why don't the gun-grabbers screen everybody before they are allowed
on school grounds?  It would be the same kind of procedure that is used for airports
and courthouses.  Only when you enforce a gun-free zone do you have a gun-free zone.
If the anti-gun people really believed gun-free zones are safe,then why don't they enforce
their own gun-free zones?

In other words, if it is good enough for airports and courthouses, then why is it
not good enough for schools?

No, the real point is to disarm everybody else.  They won't enforce their own
self-imposed gun free zones.  This they could do by themselves without having to
disarm everybody else in the country.

Then they might say the entire country could be safer without guns.  Unfortunately, you
cannot guarantee that all guns will disappear and that all situations can be controlled over a territory of over three million square miles.  If you won't enforce a schoolyard, then why should anybody believe that you would enforce it over such a vast territory?

At least this judge is honest enough to admit that an amendment to the Constitution
would be necessary first.  Also, that the effort is not to make schools safe, but
to disarm the entire population.  Quite the sleight of hand, that.

Updated later today, 3.27.18 @ 6:17 pm:

Looks like Lindsey Graham wants to strut on the stage as a prominent pro- Second Amendment man's man kind of guy.  Trouble is, I don't believe these guys, especially this one.

But if wants to, he may want to explain some of the anti-gun legislation in the most recent omnibus bill.  Did Graham sign off on that one?

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