Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Researching ideas for posts

It has been a long road for this blog.  It began as a full time activity in 2010,
and continues today.  At this time, it is something of a full time "job", in that
I am now too old and decrepit to work for a living.

A problem for yours truly is what to do with all this new spare time that I have.
Since working for a living is no longer feasible, what do I do with myself?  It
seems like blogging is a good thing to spend my time, but on the other hand, it
often leads me to places that do not satisfy me.

Such as current events.  The course of modern civilization seems to be a recurrent
theme of this blog, but to write about it, it often involves my emotions about it.

So, the result is that I lose my peace of mind when I see things that I think are
not so good about current events, and the course that it appears to be taking us.

What I am researching is a way to be constructive about the situation, so at the
very least, I can feel good about what I am doing with this blog.

It is not a good feeling to watch the world going to hell, and feel absolutely
helpless about what to do about it.

People, when confronted with this, may turn to escapism.  But that is not my way.

I'd rather face things as they are, as opposed to running away in some fashion.

Running away, as in escapism.  Escaping into fantasies, or escaping into total
denial of anything being wrong.

But that creates a tension.  If you really cannot stop the world from descending
into a worse condition, then what?

You can try to fight it, but then it could be totally futile, and frustrating.

So, what to do in order to stay involved, while at the same time, maintaining
some sense of balance?

This is what you call a "good question".  A good question is one that isn't answered

And so here we are.

This morning, I picked up on the movie ideas again.  Instead of Raspberries, I
looked up some Academy award winning movies.

What got my attention is some movies based upon books that I have read.  I
determined that at least two of them did not strike me as being as good as these
people said.

Rather than point these out as examples, let me just say that I realize that I
am probably a pain in the ass sometimes.  I can be real critical I suppose.  It
has been said before.

Maybe I will leave it as that for now.  But wait.  Let me mention why I started
writing about movies all of a sudden.

I was watching a movie, which was a Star Wars movie, in which Anakin Skywalker
turns to the dark side.  The movie was not believable to me.  I did not believe
that Skywalker would turn to the dark side so he could save his wife from dying.

Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I don't believe it.  The story should have
been about Skywalker's fall from grace, but it cannot be depicted as an cause
for pity.  A villain has to be a villain, or he isn't a villain.

So much for that.  The movie sucked.  But Lucas made a bunch of money off of it.

Does it matter then that it sucked since it made so much money for Lucas?  Would
a better movie had done better at the box office?  Maybe not.  But then again,
maybe I am just being a pain in the ass again.

Okay, that's enough.

But it isn't, because the blog goes on until it doesn't.

What is the moral here?  Another good question.  Okay, that is definitely enough
for now. 

Bye for now.

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