Monday, March 26, 2018

Star Trek episode coming to life?

First of all, let me deny that yours truly is a hopeless "trekkie".   Secondly, the idea here is to get people to think outside the box.  Thirdly, just to add a bit more confusion, the current situation is like the Cheech and Chong comedy in which the teacher repeatedly tells the class to "shut up"!

Yeah, shut up and listen.

Now, the Star Trek reference is about the hostility that is being generated in order to feed upon itself.  An entity lives off the hostile emotions of others, you see.  You can regain control of the situation by refusing to participate in the hostility being thusly generated.

Just sit down, shut up, and ignore the invitation to fight, argue, or just get inordinately pissed off.

Or just pray.

After all, the most likely thing here is that the situation is being manipulated so you can be manipulated as well.  Don't go along with it.

That is all.

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