Thursday, June 22, 2017

Georgia election today

Regardless of the outcome, I consider it a defeat for the GOP.  Yeah, even if Ossof loses.  I would only change my mind if the defeat of Ossof is really big.  But indications are that he may win, or if he doesn't, it will be close.  It shouldn't be.

Now for the meat of the issue.  If the GOP candidate wins, there will be celebration in the ranks.  But why?  Only because the GOP didn't lose?  What I am getting at is that the GOP is deficient somehow.  They are dropping the ball, and I think they are dropping it big time.

There has been a lot of talk about this on the talk shows.  What's with the GOP anyway?  Well, let me advance an idea.  The idea is that the GOP is institutionally nonassertive.  Yeah, that is the word--- nonassertive.  They remind me a lot of the type of person you sometimes see that gets pushed around pretty easily.  You might ask them why they don't stick up for themselves, but the answer is that they really don't know.  You don't know about what you don't know about.  If you don't know how to act assertively, then why should anybody expect you to?  A nonassertive person lives a nonassertive life.  People have their way with them.  They are habitual pushovers.  On the institutional level, the GOP for some reason, has never learned the value of assertiveness.  They are like the individual pushover.  The Dems have their way with them as a matter of course.

The solution is assertiveness training for the individual.  But for a national political party?  How do you manage that?  You may not be able to, but it may have to come from the grassroots.  If the grassroots gets more assertive, they may signal to the party that they better get a backbone and quick.

This may be hard to do.  You really have to get sensitive to it, and respond quickly.  For example, I see a lot of GOP types starting to rationalize away failure.  They say that Congress is really getting a lot done.  Or like Rush says, that Trump is winning.  Trump winning?  You coulda fooled me!  He doesn't look like he's winning.  The Dems don't look like they are about to slink into a hole.  They are fighting pretty hard, and they seem to be getting their way a lot of the time.  This doesn't look like the GOP is winning.  If Ossof wins, it will only embolden them.  Even if he loses, they won't give up.  Especially if it is close.

You have to keenly sensitive ears in order to pick up the rationalization for the continued failures.  Once you begin spotting them, perhaps you can challenge them in the premises.  Certainly, you may hear that it doesn't really matter if Georgia election is lost.  That is rationalization.  What would matter if there is a big win on either side.  If it is close, it is really a loss for the GOP.  It is a GOP seat.  There is no way to rationalize that loss.  A big win should be the goal.  Not just winning, but creaming them.  Don't let 'em kid you that it doesn't matter.  If the GOP creamed them, the Dems would have to admit to themselves that they are doing something wrong.  That would be a big plus even if it made them more competitive.  Who needs the Dems pushing around the GOP anyway, unless you are Dems?

An unrepentant bully is not good for anybody.  The GOP needs to get a backbone for the good of us all.

22:15  :

Handel wins by five.  If that margin holds up, that is.  It has been called, and it will probably be a victory.  Not impressive, but not an embarrassment either.

I still say they should try to win big.

6.22.17, 20:30 :

Liberals claim that so-called right-wingers are just as guilty of violence as the left.  Ann Coulter says no, that's not so.  She is right, of course.

My point is not necessarily to advocate violence, but preparation for when it might happen.  Don't just let them intimidate you.  If they succeed in doing so, they win.

Also, that so called conservatives act guilty and scared, and thus will be perceived as being so, even if they are not.

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spymaster said...

An important thing to consider is how hard the Dems worked and spent to win .I heard it was $25 million of which 99% came from outside of the district.They really wanted somebody from somewhere to take one of these 4 seats from the Reps. in order to show the tide has turned for the Dems, but no they lost all 4 elections. Ossoff was winning in the polls just like Clinton and he lost just like Clinton
You gotta take and celebrate a victory instead of bitching about the size of the vote margin