Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Obligatory, 6.20.17

This could be an off-the-grid post, but it won't be.  Today I decided to work inside this trailer because it is getting too cluttered in here.

Some shelving could be built here in the near future.  That will give me a place to put things.  There just isn't enough shelving in here.

Also, I need to get the water out of the passive water experiment "tank", which is a big water cooler.  The trouble is that the way I have it set up, it is very hard to service.  So, I disconnected all the plumbing and wiring, and consequently, I decided to move it somewhere else.  This means that a lot of other stuff will have to be moved too.  I could spend most of the day on this, so that is why I wrote this post.

Posting will be lite in the interim.

Update (s), 6.20.17, 11 am :

This is very tiring.  My capacity for work is rather limited.  Plus it is very crowded in there.  I have to contort myself a lot, and I really hate that.  Nevertheless, I am making slow progress.

All of this, including shelving, will take more than a day.  I will rest between work periods, and do a little blogging so that I can maximize my time.

13:45  :

This is the hot part of the day.  If you didn't get it done earlier, fuggedaboutit.   The a/c is still running too much.  My experiments for cutting back on that have not been successful.

The bedroom is too hot.  I may need to do something about that, doggone it.

22:00 :

It is not easy to get into and out of the bed as it now configured.  Not to mention that it is more comfortable in the living room.

6.21.17, 14:00 :

Made some slight improvements, and now it is easier to get into and out of bed.  It could be better, but I have to come up with an idea that works.

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