Sunday, June 18, 2017


Gotta be a bluff.  Some Democrats are warning that they will begin impeachment if Trump fires Rosenstein and Mueller.

It is a bluff because they cannot sell it to the GOP voter.  Never mind the GOP hacks in Congress.  The GOP hacks may not care what the GOP voter thinks, but have to care at least some of the time.  This is one of those times.

Therefore, fire both of them.  Rosenstein says Comey should be fired, then hires a special prosecutor to go after Trump for accusations without merit.  Good enough cause.  If Rosenstein doesn't think so, then he should be fired.

If the Dems can pull this off with GOP help, then these GOP office holders can kiss their jobs goodbye.

Update (s) 18:30 :

It appears that there must be an underlying crime before there can be a special counsel.  If that information is correct, then Rosenstein should be fired for cause on that alone.  Hell, he broke the law himself.

The appointment of Mueller under the special counsel statute is illegitimate. That's because the special counsel statute can only be triggered if there's an underlying criminal probe. News to the world: There ain't no underlying crime.

The fourth amendment to the US Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizures, and all warrants have to be based upon probable cause.  There is no probable cause here.

22.15  :

But then again, if this is a gangster type effort, then the gangsters won't care about legalities.  Remember that there is a dead man that nobody seems interested in.   If the gangsters go all out, they may even try an assassination.

What I am saying is that we may be on the verge of a coup.  Not a fake coup, but a real one.  As long as this goes on, they may strike in the middle of chaos, and then blame it on something else.  They have the media.  They can spin it any way they like, and get people to accept it.

Original post 6.17.17, updated 6.18.17 , 14:25 :

After reading a piece this morning, on Atlantic I think, I think these bozos really intend to take down Trump.  Funny thing, even they don't think he's guilty of a crime.  Nope.  This is political, and they really think they can do it.

How might they do it?  If Mueller decides to prosecute the sitting POTUS, there will be a situation here in which they may claim something to  the effect that a criminal is in the White House, and demand his resignation.

A kangaroo court can get an indictment and conviction.  See Scooter Libbey.

The GOP and POTUS must take this seriously, or they may force a crisis, and then a lot of bad things may start happening.

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