Monday, June 19, 2017

Not impressed with so-called conservative columnists

Kurt Schlichter  is supposed to be a conservative.  But this Townhall article presents arguments that do more harm than good.  Conservatives need to be smarter than the Dems, and this doesn't do it.

If we are going to go by the rule of law, why not start with the Constitution itself?  That is about as conservative a source as you can get.  If you stick by that, how can you go wrong?

Article Four of the Bill of Rights prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.  Seems that an investigation of a matter that is not criminal is not probable cause.  Secondly, to the argument that a higher standard must apply to public figures, it cannot mean that these people are not entitled to the same protections as any other citizen.  The power of the unfettered state is frightening, and is precisely why we have a Bill of Rights in the first place.  It must include public figures as well.  Thirdly, an impartial jury is also guaranteed under the Bill of Rights--- see Article Six.  How can anybody not affiliated with the Democrats get a fair trial in the nation's capitol when over ninety percent of the residents there vote Democrat?

Schlichter is right when he says that impeachment is a political act.  Seems like that was mentioned in the Federalist papers.  Absolutely this is where the process must begin and end, unless there is a conviction in the Senate.

But what is to stop Mueller from prosecuting Trump even though that is not in accordance with precedent?  If Mueller can bring an indictment in a highly partisan district, then what is to stop Mueller from putting Trump on a show trial?  It is already a questionable investigation with no evidence of a crime having been committed.  What is to prevent a politically motivated trial, except an adherence to the Constitution?  But if Mueller insists upon continuing in the absence of evidence, what stops him from cooking up some pretended offense?  Practices like this is why the colonies broke from the King of England, and set up the United States in the first place.  Have we lost track of our history?

Not everybody has forgotten our history.  But many in Washington DC seem to have forgotten it, or want to disregard it.

But don't let the conservatives be the ones to forget.  Conservatives need to remember and defend our culture and our history.  Otherwise they are no better than the Democrats, who seem to favor a lynch mob mentality, without respect for the rights of the accused, nor the rights of those who disagree with authority---see the First Amendment.


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