Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simple v. Complex

Rush Limbaugh tries to explain in a complex way the mindset of the Never Trumpers.  My explanation is different from that because it is simple.  Simple may be confused as ignorant, I suppose.

The simple explanation is that the Never Trumpers are globalists.  Trump isn't globalist, so they'll never support Trump.  Trump challenges them too much in a fundamental way.

Somewhere along the line, globalism got into the mainstream as conservative thought.  It has not always been so.  If Trump wins, globalism will shrink in importance, and this is why they say that "conservatism will be ruined" with a Trump victory.  However, the Never Trumpers don't care about the other factors that make up conservative thought.  They aren't necessarily small government conservatives.  If Trump governs as a big government conservative, then how is he any different from a lot of "conservatives" who have governed in the past?  He isn't different in that way, so he doesn't ruin conservatism any further than a lot of big government conservatives have in the past.  Therefore, it isn't big government conservatism that they oppose, it is the globalism that is in jeopardy.  The never Trumpers cannot allow Trump to put globalism aside.

Bush the elder will vote for Hillary.  Makes perfect sense if you are a globalist, as he undoubtedly is.  Bush doesn't care about conservative principles.  How does a Hillary presidency further conservative principles in that regard?  He is voting for Hillary because Hillary won't challenge what he really cares about, which is globalism.

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