Saturday, September 24, 2016

Didn't I see this somewhere before?

Trump as Constantine.   I did, I did! ( in a Tweety Bird voice )

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I might add this:  Trump is really playing footsie with Hillary.  He has the resources to crush her.  Lord knows he has the cause.  If he loses, it can only be his own fault.

Hillary is a doddering old fool of fools.  Everything she touches becomes a disaster.  She's the reason that her husband got impeached.  Why??????  Because Bill Clinton could have settled with Paula Jones and ended the lawsuit that resulted in the impeachment.  If you doubt this, read up on it.  Hillary insisted that they fight it, when a settlement would have ended it, and you would have never heard of Monica "Blewhimsky". 

She's the reason for a number of Clinton misadventures while he was president.  The travel office scandal, remember that?   The health care fiasco?

She's a disaster waiting to happen.

She's also sicker than a dog.

She's the perfect representative of a failing idea, which is globalism.  Unless Trump is a closet globalist himself, and is only kidding around, he should win this one going away.   All he has to do is put her away.

You don't need a Caesar nor even a Constantine.  You just need the will to win.  Does Trump have that, or is he just kidding around?

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